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Nom de plume:Naffy

Genre of works : Illustratorator



Most of activity is illustrated book and Goods.

Theme is Fantasy and Story.


Award & Prizes

2011  1 st  PICT BOX Illustrated Book Competition


2011  PICT BOX Excellent  Aword

2011  40th CREPOS Win a Prize

2011  PICT BOX “Illustrated Book for Adult” Win a Prize
2012  Fukuin Bookshop “The story that love to be Illustrated book”  Finalist

2015  JIA Illustration Award in 2015

2015  Tokyo Book Jacket Competition Win a Prize



2013  9 th “Bella Donna Art” Exhibition

2014  Creator Expo 2014
2014  Group Exhibition “Mushroom Forest”
2016  Creator Expo 2016

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