Outline of the art exhibition in London

Art exhibition "Beauty of Japan and Soul of Creation"

Summary of Art exhibition:


Crossing the Frontiers of Tradition and Innovation

"Beauty of Japan and Soul of Creation"

Number of participants: 16 (confirmed)


Summary of Art exhibition: 

Crossing the Frontiers of Tradition and Innovation - The Beauty and Soulof Japanese CreationJapanese art exhibition in London hosted by Radiant Star Art agencyJapan-based Radiant Star Art agency LLC will host “The Beauty and Soul of JapaneseCreation” at two venues in London starting on October 16, 2017. Sixteen Japanese artistsand artisans will exhibit various works including traditional arts and crafts, modern artworks, as well as subculture works which characterize modern-day Japan.While today’s Japanese creation incorporates tradition, it also includes a new wave ofcreators who have reinterpreted the tradition by reflecting the changes of time in theirworks.Many of the artworks presented at the exhibition differ from the Japanese sceneries,animals, and plants typically associated with Japanese creation, but they still convey andinclude the traditional sensibility and elaborate techniques that are unique to Japaneseartists and artisans.Sensitivity, Shosa or grace, and a deep sense of aesthetics - all this profoundness andtechnique applied by Japanese creators will be exhibited for those who love art in London.In addition, we hope that this exhibition will provide people with opportunities to betterunderstand the Japanese culture in general - by experiencing the ever-evolving Japanesecreative scene.


(* “Shosa” is the description of the movement of the body concentrating on the movement itself, for specific activities. Often related to the movements of traditional Japanese Art, for example Tea Ceremonies)


Invitation to the private view:

We will send you an invitation by email to customers who wish to attend the exhibition Please contact us by email to Reiko SHIGA by Managing Director of Radiant Star Art agency. Please inform me of the following items by e-mail

※Please tell us your occupation (present or your career) if there is no objection to your name.

※free of participation fee


※ Attendance at the 2nd exhibition is free of participation fee, application for attendance is unnecessary. [※The 2nd exhibition : Espacio Gallery]  Updated information on September 12, 2017.


Please inform us of your desire to attend the exhibition above, by 15 October, 2017. Please note that as there are limited numbers of guests who can participate in the exhibition at the first venue, please do not hesitate to contact us ahead of time.

We look forward to seeing you at our art exhibition.



Venue (s):

The 1st exhibition : Royal Opera Arcade Gallery

URL: http://www.roa-galleria.com/

Location : 5b Pall Mall Street Royal Opera Arcade London SW1Y 4UY

Exhibition duration : 16 Oct 2017 to 21 Oct 2017

Reception & Private View : 17 Oct 2017 / 18:30 to 20:30 ※free of participation fee

*There is Japanese traditional sweets and Tea ceremony service.


The 2nd exhibition : Espacio Gallery

URL: http://www.espaciogallery.com/

Location : 159 Bethnal Green Road London E2 7DG

Exhibition duration : 23 Oct 2017 to 29 Oct 2017

Reception : 26 Oct / 18:30 to 20:30 ※free of participation fee

*There is Japanese traditional sweet service.

"Beauty of Japan, the Soul of creation" Exhibition Participating artists 16 participants Works (part on publication)

※ To see the artist statement, please click on the work.



The 1st Exhibition

Royal Opera Arcade(ROA)Gallery



5bPall Mall Street

Royal Opera Arcade

London SW1Y 4UY



* Commentary:

In the locality of this gallery there a lot of wealthy class people passing through.

The ROA Gallery to be located in a corner of a historical arcade, ROA has a very elegant and calm ambience.

We are looking forward to the first exhibition at ROA Gallery would be it increases the attractiveness of the creator's work.

The 2nd Exhibition

espacio Gallery




159 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG
Tel: 07815 319073

Transportation facilities:

Tube: Liverpool Street Station, Bethnal Green Station

Overground: Shoreditch High Street



The Espacio Gallery is located in the Shoreditch area, where development is proceeding, as an artistic city.

This Shoreditch is a city where young artists gather, there are companies aiming to enter is there, is a future development is very promising.

The Holding an exhibition at the Shoreditch's Espacio Gallery where young artists gathered and very sensitive people come and go would be accept is a very good stimulation. 

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KITAZAWA, Yoshitomo

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Museum More Co., Ltd.

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