Chiaki AKADA




Artist’s statement

1989 Born in Osaka, JAPAN

2010 Graduated from Mohawk Valley Community College (NY, U.S.A) AA Fine Arts

2010 Back in Japan, Started career as a painter using cray-pas (oil pastel) Chiaki Akada is a Japanese painting artist. Her work is known for its vivid colors using cray-pas (oil pastel). She put color cray-pas first and cover it all with black/brown cray-pas, then scratch with a solid material. In most of her works, we see flowers, human (especially girls), music, time, moon, and animals. Which means they will be (or are already) gone. She represents beauty and preciousness of brief moment and feeling of sorrow, affection, emptiness and love through these motifs. This is why her work is fully energetic.


1989  Born in Osaka Prefecture

2010  Graduated from NY State Mohawk Valley Community College

2010  After returning home, start activities mainly in Kansai.

I participated in numerous group exhibitions and art events.


 Mainly use the crepas (Sakura Crepas · Oil Pastel) as the material.

By the technique of scratching to paint over and overlap colors, draw a picture with delicate lines and vivid and bold colors.



Personal Exhibition etc.

2013.3.17-30     Chiaki Akada First Solo Exhibition ”hellola” at the New Osaka hotel

2013.7.3-14       Chiaki Akada Solo Exhibition spark@GALLERY TATSUYA in Aiachi-ken

2014.3.31-4.6     Chiaki Akada Solo Exhibition ”sayonala” @BODAIJU CAFE

2014.7.20-8.10   Chiaki Akada Solo Exhibition ”POP STAR2” @New Osaka hotel Shinsaibashi

2015.4.29-5.10   Chiaki Akada Solo Exhibition “itsuka”@GALLERY TATSUYA

2016.3.22-4.30   Shinjuku LUMINE EST H.P.France destination Tokyo Window GalleryShop dressingBloomin’!


Prize and Awards

2012   Election Illustration of Image “SUKIYAKI Meets the World 2012”

2012   Win a Prize “Art Move painting competiion”

2012   Win a Prize “The 1st Tokyo Souga”

2012   Gallery TATSUYA organizer “Art competision TATSTU-COM”

           Award / popularity contest 20thplace

2013   Award The AMUZE “The Sakura Exhibition

           Award The LUMINE “LUMINE Meets ART AWARD 2013”

2014,Feb   Display and operation for a lift of The Shinjuku LUMINE

2015   Award of Company “FM802” , “KTV” at “ART STREAM 2015”