Chizuko KIDA






Artist’s statement

No.A : I was inspired by an ancient Chinese story.

In the story when a dying warrior escaped to the
forest at night, a beautiful woman appeared there
and treated him well, and the next morning when
the warrior woke up, nobody was there.
I felt that there were fairies of white plum, red plum
and pale pink plum, and I would like to paint the
spirit of plums in the deep forest. So I took a brush
and painted the work.






Artist’s statement

No.B : I was inspired when I walked on a side street
where no one passes one step away from the road
on the hill behind my house where I walk with my
dog usually. I felt that something seemed to drift
and it seemed to seek something in the fresh green
forest. And it seemed that I was invited somewhere
else. I imagined such atmosphere and expressed it
with a butterfly “Parantica sita” that flies across
the sea in the work.







Artist’s statement

No.C : I was inspired when I looked up a big magnolia
tree in the spring sun after the winter ends.
I felt that the flowers of white magnolia would
become white birds and leave the trees to travel in
the sky and not to bloom and fall. So, I would like
to paint such white magnolia.


1956 Born in Tokyo.


Most of landscape are the mountain has no name that Akita prefecture where she was growing up. Influenced Nature since then.

Study drawing and oil painting at the Waseda University.

After graduation, work for advertisement agency, teach Japanese classics at high school.

Depart for drawings for raising children.


1999 encounter and out of shock the art works that Kaii Higashiyama at the Shinano Art Museum when she had climbed the mountain in Nagano prefecture.


2001 Starting Japanese style painting. Afterward self-education.

Mind of Master are Kaii Higashiyama and Shunso Hishida.


2009 left work for recovery of illness, move to Tanzawa where full of nature and get a small studio.



Award and Prizes


2008   Win a prize the Nature Exhibition at the Ueno Royal Museum. 

     Win a prize on a yearly basis.

           Win a prize the Salon des Beaux-Art Exhibision.


2011   Honorable mention the Nature Exhibition at the Ueno Royal Museum.

          Win the prize the Kamakura Art Exhibition.


2012   Private Exhibition at the EKOUAN in Ginza Tokyo.


2013   New face award the Kamakura Art Exhibition.


2014   Private Exhibition the Tanzawa Art Festival.


2017   Private Exhibition at the EKOUAN in Ginza Tokyo.

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