Artist’s statement 

I am doing an activity called Glass Earth with a theme "Melting Earth" I transform the natural sand sampled from various deserts of the world, including Sahara desert and rivers in Japan, into glasses.

The mineral composition contained in sand varies in different locations, with this I can make various colors of glass.

My aim is to visualize the memories and histories of earth and the same life that is in people and nature by creating tools and objects in various shapes and colors.


1967  Born in Yamagata

1994  Japan Contemporary Glass Exhibition

1996  Established Glass studio KAIBA in Miyazaki Sendai city

2001  Miyazaki Art Festival Win an Art Aword

        Action Sahara glass

2003   Miyazaki Excellent Art Exhibition

2004   Asahi Contemporary craft Invitation artist

        Tokyo style in Stockholm 2004

2006  Kingdom of Morocco diplomatic relations 50 anniversary Award certificate

        of gratitude

        Action Sendai glass

2007   King Mohammed VI of Morocco article for presentation

        Japan TV program “The Testuwan dash” appearance and cooperation

2008   EARTH GLASS action and research Glass all over the world

2009   TOYOTA children and Artist encounter Exhibition in Miyagi Sendai

         Miyagi Art Festival Award Kahokushinhou

2010    84 th National Exhibition (onward)

         Published Sendai Glass project / product

2011    Published “Miyagi glass” (Sand of River Abukuma,Natori,Naruse,Kitahoku)

         Miyagi Art Festival Award Excellent Craft Miyagi Art Foundation

2012    Join “Charming Everyday Things”

         (Ministry of Economy Cool Japan strategy / Paris and Tokyo)

          Japan Folk Craft Museum Win a prize

2013    47 of Japan 2013 Craft(d47 MUSEUM)

         Miyagi Excellent Craft Award

         “Sendai Glass” Good Design Award

2014    Project “Melt the Ground” in Minamisanriku(Miyagi Minamisanriku-cho)

         Product Plaque of Ambassador For Ambassador Yuzuru Hnyu

            in Sendai Tourisum

         Project “Melt the Ground” in Shichigahama(Miyagi Shichirigahama-cho)

2015    Product Plaque of Ambassador For Ambassador Ai Fukuhara

            in Sendai Tourisum

         Project “Melt the Ground” in Shichigahama(Miyagi Shichirigahama-cho)

2016    Commemorative product for Anniversary G7 Sendai Finance Minister

            and Central Banker’s Meeting each countory





Kingdom of Morocco / The Royal Household


Miyagi Shiogama-city / Temple Toen / Light


Miyagi Iwanuma-city Tamaura Elementary school / Monument


Nomura Real estate “PROUD Katahira” Entrance


Miyagi Kesennuma-city Marin Center / Nameboard


Nomura Real estate “PROUD CITY” Nagamatiminami” / Entrance



Award and Prize 


39 th Miyagi Art Festival Art Award


46 th Miyagi Art Festival Award Kitahoku Shinhousya


48 th Miyagi Art Festival Award Excellent Craft Miyagi Art Foundation


2013 Miyagi Excellent Craft Award


2013 GOOD DESIGN Award



Publication Book 


Artist : Work of Yu / 2007 Shougakukan Square


Craft studio : Design production in Japan / 2008 Art book publishing company


Member of Miyagi Art Association


Member of National Art of Japan

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