Nom de plume:Mamefuku

I am acting as illustrator mainly for illustrations such as children's books.
I like to draw the interactions of people and animals.
Rather than just drawing objects,I am aiming to create works that can feel mind and story.







Artist’s statement

No.A : 【Hesitation】
Conflict and now I want to make a preferential
selection I drew a weakness If you can grasp the
sword, you can proceed, you can grow.
But is prepared for just grasping and the charm
of growing is in the boy?
I paid attention to how the boy faced the sword.








Artist’s statement 

No.B : 【The story of meteor ship】
I drew a story on a fantasy constellation as a theme.
As the name suggests, you can ride a fast riding
horse young generals' son still only.
He runs reinforcements for reinforcements of
troubled men.






Artist’s statement 

No.C : 【illuminations】
I am imagining from a musician's song.
I do not know the meaning of the poem.
I thought about how it would be if I made a picture,
I came up with a story about an owl that delivers
the stars' light to the depths of the dark woods.
Owls fly without distracting towards the destination
towards the night sky, I have a boy of a dwarf who
became a friend on the way.







Artist’s statement 

No.D : 【moment】
Things that are everyday were truly magical,
I drew it with the theme of.
Since mysterious things only appear momentarily,
It is mostly overlooked.
But, the moment it appears in the camera
If it's the same timing ...




Residence in Tokyo as an illustrator.



2009 Strange X'mas Exhibition


2011 Polar Bear exhibition


2012 Shima Shima Exhibition

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