Artist’s statement 

“Thoughts about Mount Fuji”


“Holding its head high above the clouds, looking down on the surrounding mountains, listeningto the rumbling of the thunder below” - a Japanese song about Mount Fuji which we used tosing as a child.The highest and graceful Mount Fuji is the most admired mountain in Japan - as a symbol forthe country.

It has been a popular subject in art, portrayed through various techniques andmaterials since the dawn of Japanese culture.

It changes its appearance not just every season, but also in each moment of the day - frommorning to night, which lets us indulge in our fantasies.

It is a beautiful mountain from allangles and


The scene of the towering Mount Fuji glowing in morning sun over field of clouds, massiveiridescent clouds, and all experiences the mountain transmits, made me believe that there is aGod.


1951  Born in Sizuoka pref Hamamatsu city

1973  Asahi Studio as assistant

1975  Studio Koba Corporation (continuance in office)

2006  Admission A Public Interest Incorporated Association “Japan Professional Photographers Society”

2016  RSArt Agency staff photographer