Nom de plume:SUMIREMISU








Artist’s statement  

I have loved cartoons, illustrations since I was
a childhood.
I am a girl who learned a lot of love and hurt.
By the theme of “The world of holy sexy cute”
and “GESUKAWAII(gross cute)”
Androgynous, strong, sharp and stylish characters, 

I will dye the world to pink colour.


Genre of works

Comic illustration, Subculture, Underground, Cartoon, Art



Based on cartoon / comic illustration expression, drawing "Gesu-Kawaii (Sleazy Pretty)" "Egu-Kawaii (Gross Cute)".

With an unique sensitivity towards sex, incorporating “Moe (fascination)” to original created characters with anime and manga geek vibes.

Combining pink color with a character with sharp upturned eyes with a dot, planting a new sense of cute as a motto. Participating in exhibitions and art events, targeting the young generation and captivating their hearts.

Solo exhibition "Thick Pink Exhibition" to be held in March 2017.



2014, Nov      an independent exhibition under 20 in Yokohama AAA Gallery

2015, Mar      solo exhibition “Pretty dirty devil” in Yokohama AAA Gallery

2015, Jun       Yokohama AAA Gallery “DOLL PARTY-Bitter&Sweet-”

2015, Sep       Art spece in Aichi kasugai city MILION

2015, Oct       U8project gallery in Nagoya University on Art and Design “Pink colour laboratory”

2015, Oct       Nagoya University on Art and Design “perverted gentleman”

2016, Feb         Aichi art museum, Nagoya University on Art and Design graduation production “The park of SUMIREMISU”

2016, Apr       The 1stAnniversary of Gallery CafeAuLait in Aichi Chigusa city “ICON”

2016, Aug       Aichi Triennale three Universities Exhibition “SkyOverⅢ”

2016, Aug       Yokohama AAA Gallery Exhibition “Forgive me”

2016, Oct        Aichi Nagoya city Fashion exhibition hall “JUNXS outside toyshow”

2016, Oct        Aich Sakae city “Bull’s Night”

2016, Oct        Aich Kounan city Gallery MIWA Exhibition Nagoya University of Art and Design “OBOG”

2016, Dec        Aich Nagoya city Art museum Exhibition “Creatures-Life of animate thing-”


Prize and Awards

2012   Win a Prize Animation and Illustration contest at the Trident Design Academy

2014   Win a Prize Cartoon “Zombi pet” in The 4thNagoya University of Art and Design