RSArt agency Greetings from the Managing Director

What comes to mind when you hear “Art”?
Something with very high barriers,
Far from the daily life,
Not necessary to live.
Maybe most people think so.
But why does Art keep attracting and continue to fascinate people?
I believe that’s because it’s an ability that only humans posses
Condensed form of human wisdom, creation, abyss of mind, love and karma.
As a result, it is expressed in the field of Art.
Also, I think it is not something that everyone achieves.
For people who can create sculpture, they have an eye and heart to
Understand differently to other people, even a familiar little thing.
In the example of music, a breeze can be heard as melody.
I think it’s a gift given by the Gods of Art.
People who were born given a gift can leave an impression that
Tremble people’s heart.
People will not spare praise when their heart is shaken by
something appeared or realized unexpectedly.
Have you ever come across an unforgettable work that has been created by such gift?
Even if you search for it, it is not easy to encounter.
When you meet such piece of work by chance, it’s the same as falling in love.
It pulls you in and the heart is captured and cannot walk away.
You are stood still and cannot move.
You want to stare at it forever.
People who have met such pieces of work, are very fortunate.
This is the museum to fall in love.
We establish Radiant Star Art agency LLC.,
Connecting people and people through Art, and aim to walk along and grow together.
I hope that you will meet a piece of work that shakes your heart enough to fall in love.


That encounter makes your life fulfilled.
That you always have ART in your HEART.