RSArt agency, with the philosophy of "ART EDUCATION", works together with Creators in Japan, us, and supporters, shall provide a "place" and "opportunity" of self-actualization, to those Creators who are not satisfied with their own "current".
As well as gaining experience through exhibition opportunities, to achieve evaluation as a creator, by having workshops in foreign countries aim to accumulate from mind and technique obtained from exchanges with different cultures.
In addition, we will provide atelier / apartment for those who wish to live and create abroad by leaving Japan, with the aim of deepening interaction with creators of various nationalities.
There, we will also incorporate English conversation lessons for those who wish, especially for Japanese creators, and we will also make efforts to encourage independence internationally.


We will have 30 to 50 contract Creators with a basic term of three years.
This is to give more creative people the opportunity to exhibit.
And we think that it is an appropriate configuration that we can providing better service.


RSArt agency's efforts are not just evaluation of works but aiming to improve the qualities of the Creator together.

To leave Japan and exhibiting to Art lovers and craftsmen that appreciate art in various countries, is a place and opportunity for creative people.
And selling the work to visiting customers will encourage further determination and awareness.
In order to impress people, it is necessary to have a strong feeling for their work, whether it is a painting or a craft, with the object in front and the tool held in their own hands.


We hope that, regardless of the change of place of creation, the place of publication, they will devote to their production of the work without losing sight of themselves, and gain something further from the environment, and widen the range of expression.


About the exhibition (yearly)

· Monthly exhibition:

(2 to 3 people in total)
· Feature Exhibition:

(4 times a year, with free participation for the theme from all contract Creators)
· Special exhibition:

(twice a year, planning to invite special guests as well as contract Creators. We will also take proposals from contract Creators. )


During each exhibition above, we will set up reserved viewing day to invite students (school officials) aimed to touch foreign cultures through the Creators of Japan.

Workshop will be held, with the aim of further developing the work of Creators of Japan, by introducing the Creator as the presenter and actively exchanging opinions from ideas and technical aspects with artists from different countries.


· Based on the theme of the Creator's own work, explore something that you want to convey with subjectivity and objectivity from various angles, about Japanese culture, thought, now Japanese society.
· Exchanged views on ideas for creative inspiration.
· Free discussion
· Introduction of unique technique in Japan. Demonstration and guidance.

Leaving your home country and doing creative activities in a foreign land would be driven by a wonderful stimulus in exchange for anxiety.


Such uneasy feelings are not for us to all clarify, but wiping away with their own efforts, the Creator's gain the force to move forward beyond them.
We support the feelings of improving themselves away from Japan.

Firstly, we will provide atelier / apartment in London. It is not a residence only for Japanese people, but set to be a place to interact with artists from various countries.


· Provide creative place for creative people from various countries regardless of nationality.
· English lessons for Creators of Japan.
· By enhancing communication between residents, we will enhance each other's interests.

Regarding the term of contract between our Creators, we consider three years as the basic term.


The first year is the period of acclimatization, starting with feedbacks at the exhibitions, providing
various support.


The second year is the period for self-reliance and leap.


And in the third year, we hope that the Creators express their thoughts through the work achieve
their work.


We hope that the Creators will be able to acquire the qualities to become a stage further to increase as a creator after the contract period with us.



Regarding contracts after three years as a basic term
· Exhibition of activities in London will be held in Japan through RSArt agency.
· Provide new contract opportunities with leading supporters.
· In addition to London, we will support activities in the areas that the Creator wants, such as the EU area or NY.
· Basically, it is a contract for three years, but by consultation with the creator, extension or we could prepare for an exclusive contract.


It is a great pleasure for us to gain the trust from the Creators.